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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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bay as police investigate reports of another freeway shooting. >> and work underway in san francisco to repair a sinkhole that nearly swallowed a car with passengers inside. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm mike nieback. we begin in the east bay after reports of a shooting. this is a live picture over the scene, highway 4 in pittsburg where you can see a lot of activity there. about 10 minutes ago we had a number of detectives walking around what appeared to be a badly damaged black vehicle. >> and these are the images coming from the westbound lane of highway 4 near railroad avenue. we know at least one person has been taken to the hospital and we don't know how badly they were injured. the scene has been ongoing
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since about 11:00. chp and pittsburg police are looking for shell cases at the scene in the roadway. at this point we don't know how long highway 4 at long bridge road westbound will be shut down. >> talk about highway 4 and love ridge road about three weeks ago, the evening of the 19th, same spot, another shooting. that one was deadly, a 28-year- old man killed there. my last check, no one was arrested in that particular case. here we are with these live pictures, reports of another shooting in the same spot. >> and one of the reasons police say these crimes are hard to solve, essentially whoever is doing the shooting can get away in a matter of moments. there have been shootings on highway 4 and interstate 80 as well. often drivers in neighboring cars don't even know what happened. again, this is highway 4
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westbound, shut down at long ridge road. we are sending a crew to the scene. >> and as soon as we have a signal we'll get right to that. in the south bay, one man is in the hospital after police say they shot him because he was attacking his mother. >> reporter: we are told by police that both the son and the mother are in stable condition here at the hospital. we are told they are expected to survive. police are still out here at the scene collecting evidence. it's left some of the neighbors traumatized. matized. >> a frantic radio call by a san josi police officer gives us a glimpse into what unfolded. police were called to the
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neighborhood just after 7:00 this morning for a traffic accident. they didn't find it but pulled up and saw a man wielding an ax. >> officers were stopped in the street when they heard the commotion of the domestic incident. the suspect was chasing his mother out of the house. at some point the suspect had an ax in his hand and struck the mother, then turned on the officers and the officers had to discharge their firearms. >> reporter: police aren't saying how many shots were fired but officers say the woman was struck in the head at least once in the head with an ax. the man who swung at her is her 26-year-old son. family and friends say he suffers from mental illness. >> i cried already. it's just so sad when somebody you know goes through this.
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anybody's mental health is sad and you know they don't have control over their actions when they're sick. >> reporter: police haven't said if the suspect was mentally ill or under the influence of drugs and alcohol. they have spent hours going through the crime scene and conducting interviews. both officers involved were uninjured and it's likely they will be on leave while this is investigated. coming up later, we'll have updates on this story. the two brothers accused of killing their parents in san josi are due back in court in about an hour for a preliminary hearing. it was set for monday but postponed to give attorneys more time to prepare. the 22-year-old and his 17-year- old brother have both pled not guilty to murder charges. the two are accused of shooting and killing their parents inside their san josi home april 24-point the judge will
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decide if there is enough evidence for the case to go to trial. john burress is asking the state attorney general to launch an investigation into the san francisco police department. >> the call comes in the wake of a handful of recent police shootings and the uncovering of racist text messages among officers. >> reporter: burress is pushing for the department of justice to step in and clean up sfpd, he says. you can see folks gathered here on the front steps of hall of justice. earlier members of the justice department were here when that announcement were made. this comes after protests at city hall last week, where several people were arrested during heated demonstrations. the group is calling for
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sweeping reforms within sfpd after several police shootings. >> we are recommending that the chief not go. and the chief must go because all the negative statements, racial epitaph that have occurred and all the killings that have taken place have all occurred on his watch. >> reporter: the group claims sfpd is engaging in racial profiling among other things. we'll have more at 4:00 and 5:00 regarding this story. back to you. >> $17 million has been promised to reform the department and reduce officer- involved shootings. $11million go to violence prevention programs over the next two years and tasers that have to be approved, as well as
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defensive shields and net guns that throw a net around a suspect to subdue his or her. they hope to cut the number of officer-involved shootings in the city by 80%. >> at the heart of it too, a part of it is to be sure we have the resources to implement this and that we have appropriate oversight in making sure that it's transparent. >> it's kind of disheartening that he's reactive and he thinks this is going to placate us. the only thing that's going to make us happy is if he listens to us. we don't want tasers. we want to chief of police to go. >> the mayor says he supports the chief and his proposed reforms. a giant sinkhole opened up last night. >> so what caused the roadway
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to give way? >> reporter: this was the 140- year-old undergrounds suer main that ruptured last night and triggered this sinkhole. this is in the middle of mission street between new montgomery and second. work is happening right now, working to repair this thing. you can see a couple lanes shut down and traffic still getting by. of course this could cause some congestion in the area. i just found out from someone from the san francisco public utilities commission, this could be going on through the upcoming weekend. >> reporter: this huge hole has become an attraction in downtown san francisco. many people walking by just have to stop and snap a picture of the sinkhole. >> not something you see every day, no. >> reporter: many drivers did the same thing, much to the chagrin of police officers trying to keep traffic flowing in this area. joe and his family stopped by
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while sightseeing. >> walking and just seeing this. he's enjoying it, our 4-year- old. this is all he wants to see. >> reporter: the 12 by 5-foot section of pavement collapsed around 5:30 last night and led to a dramatic rescue. the ground gave way underneath a car service suv that was stopped at a red light. it was carrying a family of five and the driver. firefighters tied the suv to nearby parking meters in order to get everyone out safely, which they did. the san francisco public utilities commission says this sinkhole was caused by a 140- year-old sewer pipe that suddenly ruptured. >> this is one of the oldest ones. but we do have a lot of aging sewer mains. that's why we have accelerated our pipeline repair and replacement program. we are doing up to 15 miles a year, just sewer replacement.
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>> reporter: and crews are constantly inspecting older lines throughout the city, trying to prevent these kinds of breaks. it's difficult to predict when and where a sinkhole may open up. and the good news in all this, water and sewer service has not been disrupted for nearby businesses or anyone living nearby. they are continuing to do the repair work and we just found out, sounds like this may not wrap up until this weekend. back to you. >> could be a headache in that part of town. thank you. right now the university of california regents are meeting in california, discussing the ongoing programs of sexual harassment and campus violence. some are upset they are meeting behind closed doors, claiming they are keeping discussions private after several reports of sexual harassment involving
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faculty members on the uc berkeley campus. a tentative agreement has been reached between the president of san francisco state university and four students who started a hunger strike four days ago. the students have been protesting a proposal to cut the budget of the ethnics studies department and came up with ten demands, which includes doubling the budget of that department. just a short time ago the agreement was announced and students will detail the terms in about an hour. one person infected with the zika virus does not pose a risk to the public, according to the cdc. the mosquito that spreads the virus has been not been found in the bay area. still ahead, what will the gop do with donald trump at the top of the ticket?
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>> house republicans discussing the issue and the latest on the democratic side as bernie sanders picks up another win. >> and we are tracking a warmup, and we'll tell you when to expect the warmest day of the week. >> and what investigators are looking for at prince's home, and the claims another man is heir to prince's fortune.
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one of the victims in the massachusetts stabbing attack was in a restaurant yesterday inside a mall. the suspect came in with a knife just after 28-year-old arthur derosa crashed his vehicle into a store and stabbed four people in the mall. investigators say earlier he went inside a nearby home and stabbed and killed an 80-year- old woman and wounded her daughter. he'd been released from a mental health hospital hours earlier. investigators looking into prince's death searched his minnesota compound for a second time. a number of marked and unmarked cars pulled in yesterday. authorities were looking for medication records and prescription drugs. investigators have tried to
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figure out whether prince died from a drug overdose colorado prison inmate says he's an heir to prince's fortune. calvin williams is seeking a dna test. his mother says she had an encounter with prince in 1976. he died without a will and now there's a battle over his $300 million estate. his sister says she and prince's five half siblings are his only known heirs. donald trump is closing in on the official delegation count after winning big in nebraska and west virginia last night. >> and bernie sanders is keeping hope alive with a win over hillary clinton. >> reporter: donald trump won big, but the more pressing problem is how to unify the
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party. house republicanst mulled it over this morning on capitol hill. >> to pretend we're unified without unifying, then we go into the fall at half strength. >> reporter: some rank and file members even question house speaker ryan's tactics after saying that's week he wasn't willing to back trump yet, then added he'd step aside in the nominee asked. trump is doing his part to ease the angst. >> he wants what's good for the party and i think we are going to have positive results. i would love frankly for him to stay and be chairman. >> reporter: and bernie sanders won his 19th primary caucus in west virginia, despite still needing a mathematical miracle to defeat hillary clinton. >> we cannot have a president
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who has insulted latinos and mexicans, who every day is insulting women one way or another. >> reporter: donald trump pressed by reporters says he won't release his tax returns before the november election. joe waldman, fox news. the secretary of state is expected to announce changes with expansion to other regions around the country. the changes will make it more nimble and take it to the next level. carter will also meet with secretary of homeland defense in santa clara. some of us are seeing a good amount of sun, mark. >> and some areas have the lingering fog out there as well. it's a typical summertime weather pattern. looks like this is what we'll be expecting over the next few months. we have sunshine beginning to
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break out over the bay. san francisco out in the distance, you can see breaks in the clouds as well. the bigger picture here in the pacific, you have this solid fog bank hugging the california coastline. we have traced in a surface wind as well. that's an on shore breeze and that's been moderating temperatures. but temperatures have been trending up and that will continue a little for today and tomorrow. chilly near the coast, half- moon bay 54 degrees, lots of 60 out there. the warmest locations are comfortable. the plan for today, coastside, 2:00 this afternoon lots of cloud cover out there and still some patchy fog at 5:00. more sunshine and temperatures will be approaching the lower 70s. inland neighborhoods, already sunshine out there and on track to reach 80 today. pretty warm in places like
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concord and antioch today. in the bay, we have patchy fog out there. we have this area of high pressure offshore and this will continue to build into northern california for today and tomorrow. with that, 60s and 70s. warmest locations are approaching lower 80s. and tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. we are looking ahead with more rain drops out there. our extended forecast model keeps us dry. there is a system that could generate showers up to the north. looks like the main impact for us, more clouds and cooler temperatures for the weekend. looks like we'll be locked in with this dry weather pattern and temperatures going up and then cooling off a little bit. no major change in the overall weather pattern out there. temperatures this afternoon, san francisco downtown 62 degrees, ocean beach barely making it to 60.
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san josi 75, and san mateo 72 degrees. a look ahead, temperatures up a few degrees for you thursday. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. then we'll bring in more fog as this system moves in for friday and the weekend. no major changes and maybe a bump in the numbers for the next week. this is the first time i don't have any rain clouds to talk about. so we'll have to hold on, make that the morning fog and afternoon sunshine forecast very interesting. >> see you in a few minutes. thank you. still ahead, california's spring stem is underway and could make a turning point. >> and back to the breaking news, that shutdown of westbound highway 4 in pittsburg as police investigate reports of a shooting. we have live pictures and this happened just before 11:00 a.m. at love ridge road. at least one person was injured
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and transported. we had a deadly shooting in that same spot three weeks ago. we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. m$
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a downtown san francisco pizza near the cable car turn around at market was closed on
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monday. according to the san francisco coloniccal, the health department suspended blondeie's permit due to a severe cockroach infestation. their berkeley location is still open. i know mike knows this area well. momo's, a favorite spot for giants fans heading into and out of the game, yesterday the restaurant said it's opening a second location in walnut creek. they will move into the spot on north california boulevard. >> nothing like it. that's great. stocks are falling in afternoon trading. the dow is down 198 points, retail stocks taking a hit. energy companies are gaining
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and the nasdaq is down 38. we are continuing to follow breaking news as police investigate a shooting on highway 4. >> and a correctional officer facing child molestation charges. after the break, how the deputy met the girl and how the department is reacting to the allegations. >> and changes in an attempt to limit racial profiling.
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back to breaking news, where westbound highway 4 is shut down due to a shooting. >> and we have a live report now from the scene. paul? >> reporter: good afternoon. we'll tell you this is basically a parking lot on highway 4. take a look there. we are right before railroad avenue exit and you can see the cars are stopped all the way there. this is back as far as we can see. this has been going on for a while now. this is the reason why. chopper shot showing there's an investigation going on after a shooting on highway 4. this happened about 11:00 this morning, reports saying a black car hit an embankment on the right shoulder. a witness says he saw the car weaving in and out of lanes prior to the accident.
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another witness said there were other issues going on. police are looking for shell cases on the freeway at this hour, so you have to remember there's been quite a few highway shootings in the area, so that's one of the major concerns they are looking at right now. we have not confirmed there was an actual shooting but with them looking for shell case, you can reach that conclusion on your own. the highway is shut down basically as i said, a standstill. it's been that way more than an hour as police investigate this situation. we are trying to get more information on this and we'll have more throughout the day. it will be a long time out here with them investigating this, because that takes a while for police to do that. we are not sure how long this freeway will be shut down beyond railroad avenue. there's an opening down there
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but of course it's shut down right now while police are working that scene. we'll bring you more information as we get it. i was told there was a person taken to the hospital, a person that was in that vehicle. we are not sure of that person's status at this time. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more throughout the newscast and on social media. >> on the fatal shooting right in that spot on april 19th, that was about 8:00 p.m. the freeway wasn't opened until the early morning hours, so we could be looking at four or five hours closure here, sounds like? >> reporter: exactly. most of the shootings have happened at night and not as much of a problem with freeway traffic. but this is the height of rush hour and that will be another issue people want to avoid the situation. of course this is a serious situation because as i said, if this was a shooting that
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happened here, this brings us more than a dozen. i think about 15 or 16 this year in the area. that's one thing police are concerned about right now. >> thank you, paul. one correctional officer is accused of molesting a child. >> we have more on the arrest and impact on the department. >> reporter: the suspect is a guard here at the main jail. other guards we saw this morning shook their heads in disbelief over this latest news. morale here is already low. 33-year-old anthony diaz was arrested on two counts of child abuse and sex acts with a minor. the abuse happened in 2012 when he was living with his girlfriend and her 9-year-old daughter. he now lives in santa clara, where police arrested him. a source tells us he had more than 7 years experience as a
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correctional officer at elmwood jail and at the main jail in san josi. on his facebook page he's seen wearing a military uniform and people are thanking him for service. this is what one former neighbor had to say. >> i think that it doesn't matter what position you're in. if something is going to happen, it's going to happen unfortunately. you would like to think they're one of the good guys. >> reporter: several deputies have been arrested in the last year for various crimes including the three facing murder charge, for the beating death of michael tyree, a mentally ill inmate. in a statement, the sheriff said this: >> reporter: diaz is being held at the santa rita jail and is on unpaid leave. he is supposed to be in court
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on thursday afternoon. marin county deputies will be wearing body cameras after the board of supervisors approved the measure. the cost is $200,000, including the the cost of equipment and data service fees. they hope this will help increase trust with the community. says it's changing policies to prevent racial profiling. this gives neighbors a place to post about restaurants, recommendations and alert each other abdomen break-ins. one group called neighbors for racial justice complain that many posts are about suspicious strangers who are usually people of color. the san francisco color reports
12:35 pm plans to require users to describe the criminal behavior rather than profiling people walking through a neighborhood. new information about the carjacking yesterday in the east bay. authorities are investigating whether three suspects robbed a man leaving casino. investigators say the suspects had stolen the car and a police chase ended in a crash in east oakland. three suspects were caught and they are facing charges including carjacking and possession of a gun. two men walked away from a plane crash yesterday afternoon. this shows the wreckage here. you can see the engine was torn right off the plane. the pilot and passenger refused medical
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treatment. the pilot had bought that plane earlier in the day and was planning to fly it home to mississippi. candidates for senate squared off last night during their second debate. candidates had a one-hour debate with topics ranging from immigration reform to refugee crisis and job creation and gun control. >> my record is strong on protecting americans with respect to gun violence. >> i just don't see the gun issue as being substantive in terms of crime, in terms of murder rates in the united states. >> i don't agree it's just a distraction. it's the second amendment and it's people's rights. >> i would leave it up to the states to decide what they want to do. here in california we have the
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second toughest laws of any state in the country. >> we have taken 10,000 guns out of the hands of people prohibited from having them. >> the top vote getters will be advance to a head to head matchup in the november election. the oakland fire department is gearing up for fire season, conducting annual vegetation inspections. weeds and brush over the winter put the kills at a greater fire risk unless they are removed. the inspections will begin next week. now that reservoirs are filling, the water agency declared the drought emergency is over. it will end the surcharge on july 1st. it was about $8 a month for each household. the restrictions will also be lifted in july.
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>> east bay mud is confident our customers can continue to save water without the need for the drought restrictions in place. >> they say many habits are now part of life and many customers installed water saving devices and drought resisting landscaping. after a wet winter, we are taking a trip to west marin to see how the salmon are falling. >> reporter: by the early 1800s, 21 canneries and 1500 boats all but exhausted one of the most diverse salmon runs in the world. the building of dams, logging and mining all contributed to
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the salmon's decline. in marin county, many agents have been working to not only protect the salmon but increase their numbers. four years of drought didn't help but this year's rain has definitely made a difference. >> it's been beneficial for several reasons. during the winter, there was water in the creek for them to come into and spawn. also the fish were able to go far up into the smaller tributaries where they actually prefer to go, so when there's a later storm, their eggs are protected. >> reporter: this year's run was the largest in ten years. 550 gravel nests were observed. while the focus is here, it's the other smaller creeks and tributaries that feed it which are just important. >> almost 40% of all the spawning that happens in the
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water shed is here. >> reporter: marin county gets 75% of their water from rain and 25% from the rushing river. what makes this so unique, a large number of the fish are wild and not raised in hatcheries. the life of the salmon only last three years. they swim in here, bring them back, put them here, weigh them, measure them, and release them upstream. eventually they come here and start about that big, come back about 15 pounds a year later. seeing the salmon run can make an impression on old and young alike. >> when i was a kid, my
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grandfather took me to areas to see the salmon run, and i loved it. i came back because i want to save them. i want my children to have the same experience i had. >> reporter: a goal of 260 oafish for many years would equal a full recovery. the 33 miles is a tough swim, and seen as a model for others to emulate. >> 20 miles from san francisco,and we have one of the best populations of the salmon in the area. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist steve paulson. the santa clara county board of supervisors voted to classify the radar terror as part of the county heritage resource territory. it was once used by a former air station and played a
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significant role in the cold war. still ahead, the mayor of las vegas is speaking out about the raiders plans to move to her city. >> and the warriors are gearing up for game five tonight. we'll have the latest. >> and check back with mark to talk about changes ahead. ♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors
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♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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the golden state warriors are playing tonight at or oracle. >> and there was a lot of attention yesterday, it was a lot of fun. now it's back to business, back home with a chance to clinch. now it is a matter of sealing the deal. the mvp seen sitting there didn't take his usual couple hundred shots today. better the rest up for the minutes that matter. the warriors are 5-1 in clinch games. they have a knack for stepping on the throat of an opponent, especially in a high pressure playoff kind of environment. >> it's understanding, you know, the roadblock and challenges ahead of us. don't let you guard down. it's not over yet. >> you have to take that
12:46 pm
mentality. you don't know what's going to happen. you don't know the outlook of how you're going into that game. so you have to approach every game like it's a must-win game in the playoffs because it is. >> odds are pretty long for portland. only nine teams have overcome a 3-1 deficit to win the series. i'm not sure anyone thinks they are winning. >> and the spurs need two in a row now. >> fascinating series. all of a sudden looking like -- we've been talking warriors- spurs since october. now it may not happen. >> first things first. thank you. one oakland nonprofit helping people benefit, the covenant house provides shelter and services to young people.
12:47 pm
>> i was shocked. i was surprised. i think it's awesome that he's doing something for this organization. >> the warriors have done a great job of reaching out to the covenant house all yearlong. this is like the cherry on top for what basketball can bring to the community. >> the nonprofit partnership with the warriors started last year. and showing off warriors fan caves? they have been season ticketholders since 2005 and after 2014, they had an idea to start gathering team memorabilia. it's a small section in the garage with things like bobble heads and newspaper clippings. there's one item that's really important, though. >> the shoes because i'm a shoe person and i love shoes.
12:48 pm
they stick out to me also because they're just pink, just sticks out to me. >> and they hope to expand that shrine as well. the mayor of las vegas is talking about the raiders moving to sin city. tourism officials met and promised a half billion dollars to the construction of a dome stadium there. davis assured her, quote, las vegas is not getting played by the raiders to try and get a new stadium deal from oakland. the deal would need approval from the nfl. we have a few neighborhoods approaching the low 80s. just depends on your location. this is going to be one of the spots looking out here. those hills are really starting to brown up over the last few
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weeks as the rainy season comes to an end. you can see a live storm track, and there's not a lot happening out here in the pacific. with that you get a stable weather pattern, and with that you have that fog hugging the coastline. we have traced in the surface winds, so those little segments showing you those moving inland. that will help moderate temperatures. today a few neighborhoods will be approaching the lower 80s. the warmest locations right now are in the 70s. san francisco has warmed up to 60 and half-moon bay with the jacket and sweater needed there. southwesterly wind out toward fairfield, 16 miles an hour. sfo, a weak north wind about 9 miles an hour. i think that will probably increase throughout the afternoon hours. today coastal fog and warm numbers inland.
12:50 pm
tomorrow is warmer and more fog this weekend. as a result, temperatures spawn by cooling off. you have heard so much about el niño and the chances of getting significant rainfall. these numbers show you areas right around average. downtown san francisco is just over 23 inches of rain. we're talking about more than double the rainfall totals but an average year across parts of the area. patchy fog out there right now, showing you the pacific. source of warming for today and tomorrow will be this area of high pressure building in. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week and we'll cool things off into the weekend. we have a system up here to our north. this won't bring us any rainfall. maybe at most some drizzle saturday morning. in terms of significant rainfall, looks like we are drying up and heading into a stable weather pattern over the next week and possibly longer.
12:51 pm
warmest locations will be here, out toward antioch and brentwood. san mateo 72, and half moon bay in the upper 50s. tomorrow the warmest day of the week and we'll increase the fog by friday, bringing us cooler temperatures. so we'll keep an eye on that fog and have an update in a few hours. >> we'll be right back.
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this summer movie season is almost here. >> and we have a sneak peek at what fans can expect to see on the silver screen. >> reporter: captain america civil war's numbers at the box office have hollywood feeling optimistic about the summer movie season, hoping to continue the comic book dominance. x-men apocalypse is the sixth film in the franchise, revisiting the early days of the mutants. and suicide squad, a group of imprisoned supervillains recruited for a black ops mission. >> this is one of the most anticipated films i've ever been a part of. >> reporter: independence day gets a long way to sequel,
12:55 pm
dubbed resurgence. >> i like that an arms race is foolhardy. we have to think in a larger way. >> reporter: the returning cast members of now you see me are hoping to make movie magic with their sequel. >> you don't want to just remake the first movie the same way. you want it to have the same essence but to be different enough to be able to stand on its own. >> reporter: and jason bourne returns, the star trek franchise continues, and ghostbusters gets a remake with a female cast. and bridget jones returns to the big screen. rotten tomatoes says there's a reason these are delivered in the summer. >> that's where the money is. you make more money with the big movie in the summertime because people see it on the
12:56 pm
weekend, during the day, on the weekdays, whatever. >> reporter: but there are no guarantees. >> i don't know that every franchise is a sure bet. some are, some aren't. right now marvel is kind of a sure bet, x-men is doing really well. star trek has a good audience. depends on which story you want to tell. >> reporter: and plenty of contenders are heading to a theater near you. taking a look at stocks today, a lot of red on the board. you can see the dow is down 209 points. we'll continue to follow the latest on the shutdown of westbound highway 4 after a possible shooting. >> investigators have completely shut down all the lanes in the westbound direction and in pittsburg, you can see from these pictures here, investigators focusing in on the badly damaged black
12:57 pm
vehicle. at least one victim has been transported to the hospital and we don't know their condition. chp and pittsburg police are looking for shell cases there at the scene. we'll continue our coverage at see you at 4:00.
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dr. oz: botched surgeries you have to see to believe. he went in with a tummy tuck and left with a gaping hole in her stomach. we investigate surgeries gone horribly wrong. >> i was just horrified. dr. oz: plus, the plastic surgeon who plasters procedures all over social media. coming up next. today an urgent warning from one whom -- woman who went under the knife for a better body and came out with this. that's a hole in her belly. we're investigating what happens when a tummy tuck and liposuction go terribly wrong, plus, meet the plastic surgeon who snap chats videos like


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